Annie T.T. Ying

PhD Candidate, McGill University

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I am a senior PhD student in Computer Science at McGill University, while taking a leave of absence from IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. At McGill, I am working with Prof. Martin Robillard in the SWEVO lab.

For my PhD thesis, I have been investigating the presentation aspect of code examples. Code examples is an integral part of modern programming. However, even when a relevant example is returned by a search engine, the presentation of code examples can hinder the use of the example. The first avenue toward the vision of improving the presentation of code examples is through summarizing them -- see our ESEC/FSE New Ideas paper.

At McGill, I coordinate the weekly/bi-weekly Graduate Seminar Series. I'm glad to say it has become the locus of social and academic exchange in the department.

In my previous life, my projects had spanned numerous areas in Software Engineering. During my six years at IBM Research, the projects I was involved with touched on areas such as in software development governance, recommendation systems, software traceability, collaborative software development environments, and software configuration management. Prior to IBM, when I was pursuing my Master's and Bachelor's theses at University of British Columbia with Prof. Gail Murphy, I was involved in mining software repositories and static analysis on Java exceptions.



Code Fragment Summarization
A. Ying, M. Robillard
Joint Meeting of the European Software Engineering Conference and the Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering, New Ideas Track, August 2013.

The Influence of the Task on Programmer Behaviour
A. Ying, M. Robillard
IEEE International Conference on Program Comprehension, pages 31-40, June 2011.

Jazz development data: a community perspective
A. Ying, K. Ehrlich, L.T. Cheng, H. Ossher, T. Frauenhofer, F. van Ham
Workshop on Infrastructure for Research in Collaborative SE, 2008

Jazz as a research platform
Software Development Governance group at IBM Research
Workshop on Infrastructure for Research in Collaborative SE, 2008

Ensemble: a Recommendation Tool for Promoting Communications in Software Teams
Xiang, Ying, Cheng, Ding, Ehrlich, Helander, Matchen, Sempere, Tarr, Williams and Yang
Workshop on Recommendation Systems in SE, 2008

Filtering out methods you wish you hadn't navigated
Annie Ying, Peri Tarr
Eclipse Technology Exchange, 2007

Integrated solution engineering
Gong, Klinger, Matchen, Tarr, Uceda-Sosa, Ying, Xu, Zhou
Formal demonstration at OOPSLA 2006

Source code that talks: an exploration of Eclipse task comments and their implication to repository mining
Annie Ying, James Wright, and Steven Abrams
International Workshop on Mining Software Repositories, 2005

An exploration of how comments are used for marking related code fragments
Annie Ying, James Wright, and Steven Abrams
Workshop on the Modeling and Analysis of Concerns in Software, 2005

Predicting Source Code Changes by Mining Change History
Annie Ying, Gail Murphy, Raymond Ng, and Mark Chu-Carroll
IEEE Transactions of Software Engineering, 30, 9, 2004

Visual separation of concerns through multidimensional program storage
Mark Chu-Carroll, Jim Wright, Annie Ying
International Conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Development

Scaling an Object-oriented System Execution Visualizer through Sampling
Andrew Chan, Reid Holmes, Gail Murphy, Annie Ying
International Workshop on Program Comprehension, 2003

Tools for Lightweight Knowledge Sharing in Open-source Software Development
Davor Cubranic, Reid Holmes, Annie Ying, and Gail Murphy
Workshop on Open Source Software at ICSE, 2003

Using version information for concern inference and code-assist
Annie Ying, Gail Murphy, Raymond Ng, Mark Chu-Carroll
Workshop on Tools for Aspect-Oriented Software Development at OOPSLA, 2002


Predicting software changes by mining revision history
M.Sc. Thesis, University of British Columbia, 2003

Visualizing global exception flow
B.Sc. (Honours) Thesis, University of British Columbia, 2001

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